Quality is our priority and always will be.

The ISO 9001: 2008 certificate is the basis, but we go further and offer you:

Consulting and alternative proposals in order to guarantee the best price / performance ratio
Good communication with your company, together with you, setting clear quality criteria
A perfect mastery of the various production processes
Compliance with the agreed delivery dates

Metagra-Industry has a modern machine park, which is focused on productivity and quality. The special thing about it is the combination of different production techniques under one roof. This gives us the ability to deliver composite products, such as plastic fronts on a support plate or housing with control panel. So you can reduce the number of your suppliers and optimize your logistics.

Metagra-Industry is mainly a team of staff with extensive know-how, both in terms of different materials and production techniques. A good working relationship with you, our customers, most importantly, to provide you with quality products. Doing business means to us: people who want to achieve in their work together with others the best: You and we



Printed front panels and control plates made of plastic or metal for instruments, appliances or machines

name and type plates made of plastic and metal

Membrane keypads and membrane switches

Metal enclosures (printed and / or painted)

Combination Products (eg, printed films on metal nozzle plate or metal housing with keypad foil)

Specifically, labels and self adhesive


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