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Listening what you want - Watch what you are planning - Understand what you need

An enduring philosophy is characterized in that it not only sounds promising, but refers to very practical: "We want to LISTEN to what you want, we will SEE what you plan to really UNDERSTAND what you need . "

This allows highly professional complete your project, because it is your success that we make to our cause. And we live and work according to the principle is: "Everything we do, we do to get better." Our customers expect us to make our knowledge of what can help you and your specific tasks without any ifs and buts.

We act in line with our customers. Can a philosophy of simple, everyday, and more naturally be?

oriented to the customer - Our goal - your solution

For the past 25 years demonstrates the Tekon test engineering GmbH high level of expertise in the development, production and sales of electrical test equipment for the electronics and automotive industries.

The name Tekon stands for high quality Products and allowed the company to become a reliable partner in the electronics and automotive industries. Tekon provides a plurality of spring-loaded contact pins. In addition, sophisticated and tailored solutions are developed and manufactured for testing electronic assemblies. The direction of the company aims to promote innovation and customer-oriented mindset: Tekon has developed a variety of Productsn and put on the market - for example, the patented Tekoflex system for four-wire measurement on flat connectors


For each Tekon development of the customer and their needs and requirements in the focus of attention. Only by working together with the customer is the most economical and technically best solution for him to develop. This is what Tekon - for test engineering as the measure of things



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