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Switchboard production at Tricon Electric A/S

Tricon Electric A/S forms the original core of today's Tricon Group. At Tricon Electric, we produce control panels, mainly for use in controlling machines. We have extensive experience in this field, and today we can handle all types of jobs, ranging from controlling simple processes to producing major switchboard systems for controlling an entire factory or plant. A typical project would be controlling a mechanical machine unit. Tricon Electric will handle all aspects involved in designing the entire electrical wiring system, as well as producing the required switchboards, and if so desired, we can also install the system in and around the machine. Tricon Electric also has considerable experience in production based on the customer's own design specifications.

Most of what we produce is exported to end-users around the world through leading Danish industrial enterprises. Through the years, this has given us substantial insight into the statutes and regulations that apply in the various target countries.

Our customer base is varied, including machine producers that we regularly supply with products to be incorporated into their own machines, as well as production and manufacturing companies that call us in to handle an isolated job. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver more quickly than is normal in our business, and we work within a horizontal, relatively informal organisation with short chains of command between the project manager and the fitters. This makes for a dynamic project flow, allowing the customer's requirements for design changes to be incorporated without adversely affecting the agreed schedules and deadlines.

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