Vogt AG

Since 1962, Vogt AG is joining technique a leading European manufacturer of precision parts made of fine tube, precision metal stampings and plastic and metal parts.

Our quality philosophy is paired with an environmental thought, which is anchored consistently in the production processes and going for a resource-efficient use of raw materials. In addition to an extensive range of standard products, we also offer solutions in the field of custom specialty products. We focus on sustainable, innovative and integrated solutions and are a competent partner when it comes to reliability, quality and safety.

In the area of special products combines the technical and production departments one thing: competence. The Vogt AG connection technology has many years of expertise and is a leading specialist in the manufacture of complex Productsn.
Through our constructive solutions we offer our customers for parts and complete assemblies significant manufacturing advantages and significant cost reductions.
We begin where it becomes difficult!

In-house tool
A key component to the success of our connection technology is the in-house tool, because only high-quality production tools are a guarantee of consistent, high quality.

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